The Fall of Earth was a life-change for Humanity, as they almost faced extinction by the Mur'i.


After the new years countdown in 2037 on Earth, 3 Geo-Class N.A.S.A Starships launched from multiple hanger bays from around the United states of America, each filled with a crew to start new life on new planets, which was what was going to happen. During that same time, the Mur'i had just exited into the Solar System in over 20 Ja'jarooks, intending on wiping out all of Human life.

Space battleEdit

Once the 3 human starships were in space, 3 of the 34 Ja'jarook's started homing in closer to each ship, the Mur'i not know who was in control of it. One of them etched multiple dents to both the human starship and itself, and both of the ships' engine lights flickered, and after a minute, destroying them both. The remaining two human ships started retreating back to Earth, and the two Ja'jarooks' moved back into position with their fleet.


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